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Two brothers, Two Chefs.

Two Chefs Eating Place, operated by 2 brothers, has been all the buzz in the Zi Char industry. Ever since my instagram feed constantly picked up its famed Butter Pork Ribs, I’ve been wanting to try it out. But what put me off for so long was its inaccessible location at Commonwealth. In case you didn’t know, they opened another branch at Sin Ming Avenue as well. (Yay to the North people!)

IMG_8166-0.JPGDrunken Cockles: One of Two Chefs’ signature dish, pictures like this can be found on all sorts of social media platforms when the restaurant is searched for. Personally, I’m not a fan of “hum”, so I didn’t try out the dish. But according to my companions for the night, they found it similar tasting to those you find in your laksa. This dish might appeal to those who has a constant hankering for raw cockles.

IMG_8167Minced Meat Tofu: Recommended by the staff, we enjoyed this dish a lot. So much so, the plate got wiped clean within minutes. Bored of getting the common hot plate tofu at your zi char place, this tofu dish makes a good alternative.IMG_8169-0One of the better Three Egg Veg I’ve had so far, this dish consists of century egg, salted egg and normal chicken egg. I find it full of flavour and yet not too ‘je lak’. Definitely a must-try dish.
IMG_8168Salted Egg Yolk Chicken: Salted egg yolk dishes are the craze here. So no zi char dinner is complete without one. Two Chefs prepares decent salted egg yolk chicken with a stingy serving of the sauce. Beyond the sauce and crust, the chicken meat inside could with more moisture and flavouring. IMG_8170Curry Fish Head: Definitely not a speciality of Two Chefs. The meat was pretty tough and lacking in flavour, nothing to rave about. I wouldn’t order it again next time. 
IMG_8171Butter Pork Ribs: Considered one of the star dishes in Two Chefs, every table will not be missing a plate of the famous Butter Pork Ribs. Funny how the dish is named 牛油排骨, but yet dominated by the aroma and taste of condensed milk powder. Although this dish may not appeal to everyone, it is indeed a speciality and unique in the zi char industry, a key factor which keeps regular customers coming back for more. IMG_8172Cereal Prawn: Two Chefs gave our favourite dish, the Cereal Prawn, a surprising twist with a dash of milk powder and probably sugar into its cereal mixture. Intriguing but maybe weird to some. I love the crunchiness of the prawns though. It is hard to come by fresh, perfectly cooked prawns these days.

On weekends, this place is sure to be packed with diners, so do be prepared to queue and wait for at least half an hour. Personally, I enjoyed my dinner at Two Chefs. Like they said, “high-class dishes at affordable prices”. It’s a pity that their speciality dishes stand out while other favourite Zi Char dishes lacked charisma. A good Zi Char place to come for meals with your friends and family, but not really much to go crazy or craving about.

Two Chefs Eating Place (Commonwealth)
116 Commonwealth Crescent
#01-129 S(140116)

Opening Hours:
Mon: 5-11.30pm
Tue-Sun: 11.30am-2.30pm, 5-11.30pm
Closed on Every last Monday of the month
Tel: 6472 5361

Farmart, more than just a farm.

So why am I doing a food review of a farm centre that provides farm tours and pet attractions to families? Well, obviously, there must be something to eat here. This is one of the food places that my whole extended family would gather for the occasional impromptu Sunday dinner. Nobody is going to wax lyrical about the ambience of the outdoor eatery. But you will be amazed by the weekend crowd during dinner time despite the inaccessibility of the place.

Once you find yourself a table, do not expect a waiter to ask for you order, except for the drinks stall. Take a walk along the few food stalls and make your orders instead. From your typical Zi Char dishes to bbq seafood, served in aluminium foil, to your favourite chicken wings and satay. The tip is to lay off the carbohydrates such as rice and noodles and concentrate on the real deal. Indulge in the seafood such as crayfish, crab, prawns, gong gong, la la and stingray that has been grilled with a special garlic sauce. Don’t forget the Otah as well.

FarmartCrayfish: So fresh, you can just pull out the meat in one full piece and consume it slowly with pleasure.

FarmartPrawns: Grilled with butter and chopped garlic, this dish is a feast for the eyes and nose even before you can taste anything. Just like the crayfish, the prawn is fresh, making you crave for more of the sweet and firm meat.

FarmartBBQ Chicken Wings: Might not be the best that I’ve tried, but the marinade is deep and tasty enough to prevent you from stopping at one.

FarmartCrab: I have no idea how cheap these crustaceans are but apparently enough to order one for each person. Go ahead and use all ten fingers that you have been blessed with as you crack the crab apart into pieces. I guess the reason why crab tastes so wonderful owes to the fact that we have to work hard to pry the meat from the different parts.

Farmart Centre
67 Sungei Tengah Rd
Singapore 699008