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Saveur, savour the flavour.

IMG_9392Saveur, translated from French means flavour. One of the few restaurants that appeared on the French casual dining scene. You will be amazed by the level of popularity here. 10 full minutes before the restaurant is due to be opened on a typical weekday, there is a queue snaking outside. Less than half an hour after the doors have opened, the restaurant is half-filled. Ironically, I was part of the “kiasu” queue as well. IMG_9366Garden Salad: Refreshing and crunchy greens with a zesty vinaigrette drizzled over, though in miserable amount. the salad helps to clear your palette for the main entrée. IMG_9374 Duck: Duck by confit, mashed potatoes, shitake mushrooms, orange segments and orange infused juus. The marriage between the savoury meat and creamy mash is divine. The duck meat is soft, tender and comes off the bone easily. To top it off, the shitake mushrooms are perfectly seasoned and sautéed to give a earthy taste. IMG_9385Fish: Pan seared sea bass, diced potato and caper vinaigrette. For those who favour a slightly milder taste, you can try the fish entrée which is fresh and cooked to perfection.

Chicken Roulade: Chicken thigh stuffed with foie gras infused chicken farce (stuffing) served with creamy basmati rice and parmesan sauce. Duck confit may still be my favourite dish here at Saveur, but this dish sure scored some high points. The chicken is tender and goes perfectly well with the rice and sauce. Together, the different ingredients creates an explosion of flavours in your palate. From the savoury chicken meat to the cheesiness and creaminess of the rice. Definitely a must try.

Pistachio Panna Cotta: Fans of this Italian dessert would be delighted to dig your spoon in. Smooth and silky pistachio flavoured cooked cream topped with ground and caramelised pistachio. Yum.

IMG_9402There’s no need to compare Saveur with its market rival, Poulet. Obviously, despite serving French casual cuisine, both restaurants offer distinctively different dishes. Prompt service and systematic, I’m definitely coming back to satisfy my craving of duck confit.

5 Purvis Street,
Talib Court #01-04,
Singapore 188584