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Manna Story

IMG_5964Korean cuisine has gained much popularity over the past half decade ever since the Hallyu Wave hit our local shores. And I’m not talking about Korean BBQ. K-drama has such influence over viewers that they want to eat like their favourite K-stars too. So it’s not a surprise that Korean Restaurants like Manna Story, start popping up in the Orchard area.

IMG_5955Pork Bulgogi: A special dish that allows customers to mix their main meat with extra ingredients such as dukboki, ramen or straw mushrooms. And there you have it, an enormous claypot of delicious and deeply marinated protein and carbohydrates. Do beware that when I say enormous, I meant that the portion is huge enough for two people. IMG_5950For the first time, I found myself diving into the numerous Korean side dishes. Authentic, fresh and tasty, they were great complements to the main dish. A cosy and homely ambience, delicious Korean cuisine, this place is definitely worth a try. If it weren’t for the bustling crowd along the corridors of Plaza Singapura, I would have mistaken myself to be in Korea.

Manna Story
Plaza Singapura
68 Orchard Road