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P.S Cafe

IMG_4415The crowd on a late Saturday morning. Thankfully there wasn’t a need to queue at the Paragon branch. There’s something calming about the interior setting of this outlet. The cosy seating arrangement, the wooden tables, the intricate ornate pieces on each table or maybe the chalkboards displaying specials of the day. Perfect place to relax and enjoy your weekend brunch at. 
IMG_4410Eggs Benny: It seems like my mission in life is to try the Eggs Benedict dish in every brunch outlet. P.S Cafe has their own twist to this dish. Toasted muffin is used instead of the typical brioche bread and thus, the overall texture can be a little tougher than expected. This might not be the best version that I’ve tried but it definitely qualifies as comfort food for a weekend brunch. 
IMG_4408Portobello Mushroom: I’m a fond lover of sauteed mushroom. Portobello, swiss button, shitake or even enko. Hence, I couldn’t resist the temptation when I saw this dish on their brunch menu. After recovering from the initial disappointment of having only 1 miserable portobello mushroom on the plate, my objective palette loved how the fungi was seasoned perfectly and went well with the poached egg. Definitely not enough to fill an empty belly, but sure to tantalise your taste buds. 

P.S Cafe @Paragon
Paragon Level 3
290 Orchard Road