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Taipei Travelogue Part 3: Modern Toilet Restaurant

What To Eat Ah, in Taipei (Restaurants):


IMG_0618Hokkaido Milk Hotpot: According to my friend, this is literally a milk hotpot. If you’re expecting a creamy and savoury soup in this dish, you’re going to get something far from that. Without proper seasoning, the hotpot tastes like they just boiled milk.
IMG_0646Fried Chicken Set: Slightly bland to the taste, guess the only foil to this dish is the plating. IMG_0667Cheese Chicken Steak: Marinated fairly well, this dish is one of the relatively better ones of the bunch from the menu. IMG_0660Baked Rice in Seafood: The restaurant serves baked pasta and rice in different types of sauces. The tomato sauce, slightly well-flavoured, distinctively faired better than white cream sauce which is milky and bland. 
IMG_0627Drinks: Drinks that comes along with the set meals arrive in this cute little urinal look-alike cups. 
IMG_0632Drinks: For an additional of $300-$400NT, you get to have your accompanying drink in a bedpan. Makes a perfect souvenir. 
IMG_0672Chocolate and Vanilla Ice Cream: After the disappointing set of main courses, eagerly we looked forward to dessert, a special combination of chocolate and vanilla ice cream that looks like the widely-used cartoon rendition of faeces. Yet, this dessert is just a pretty face, that’s all. Unlike the normal ice cream that we usually consume on a frequent basis, the restaurant serves ice cream that possesses an distinct machinery and artificial taste. Guess all that anticipation was for nothing. 
IMG_0695One of the three widely-acclaimed theme restaurants in Taipei, this restaurant sure has its reasons to be famous. But not for the right reasons I guess. The restaurant is holistic and well-developed in the entire concept. From the interior design to the cutlery, the theme is displayed wholesome. However, the food quality is just a pity. And we wondered why the restaurant didn’t had a long queue on a weekend. So, if you’re on a holiday to Taipei, you may check out this restaurant to take photos, but definitely not for the food.

Modern Toilet Restaurant
2樓, No. 50巷7,
Xiníng South Rd, Wanhua District
Taipei City, Taiwan
+886 2 2311 8822
Operating Hours: 11.30am-10.00pm
Nearest MRT Station: Ximen Station