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As close as you can get to authentic Italian Thin-Crust Pizza.

Situated at Marina Bay City Gallery, Verve Pizza Bar is an alfresco dining experience that promises to bring you the most authentic Italian pizza. Unlike most restaurants or bistros that claim the same thing, Verve actually has something to boast about. In my opinion, the aspect that defines the quality of a pizza, is the crust. The thickness, the freshness and the softness. Verve has hit me in the right spot. This is my second time trying a Parma Ham pizza at a different place and this is my pick out of the two. Somehow, the rockets-lookalikes (arugula) here weren’t too strong and instead provided the contrasting texture and flavour to the otherwise savoury parma ham. The crust could not be more perfect as the foundation of a pizza. Did I mention that I absolutely dig the extra big parmesan shavings sprinkled on the top?

Corleone Pizza (S$28)

This is a special creation that mixes the East and the West. If you’re a fan of Peking Duck and pizza, then you need to try this. Shreds of duck meat with the sweet sauce goes exceptionally well with the pizza dough. Not to be missed.

P.S First bite is always the best.

Enzo Pizza (S$28)

Last but not least, let me introduce to you my new favourite pizza. This magical combination of bacon and mushroom is just amazingly delicious. Bits of saltiness mixed with a tinge of fungi. OMG. you have no idea until you have tasted this one hell of a good pizza. 

Barzini Pizza (S$28)

Verve Pizza Bar

Marina Bay City Gallery

Calamari does not necessarily have to be fried.

Calamari: Squid served as food

Alas, Calamari does not necessarily mean fried squid. And this is definitely not the kind of calamari you would be expecting but do not be too quick to judge yet. I promise that this will be a special treat for your taste buds. Drizzled in olive oil, served with soft chick peas, baked to perfection. You can even hear it sizzle when the chef removes it from the oven. This is definitely a side dish that I will order whenever I’m in this restaurant. Grab the bar seats if you do not mind, you will enjoy the sights and sounds of a busy Italian kitchen.

Pizzeria Mozza
Marina Bay Sands