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Pince & Pints Lobster Restaurant & Bar @Duxton

The famous lobster bar rolled into our shores almost a year ago last July but I’ve only managed to paid them a visit recently. Technically my second time because I got turned back by the long waiting time. But this time, my perseverance paid off and I managed to snag counter seats almost immediately. Not taking any reservations, the restaurant attracts long queue that can go beyond an hour every weekend. I appreciate and love how the restaurant is focused on what they are doing and only has 3 dishes on their food menu. The lobster roll, whole live lobster (either grilled or steam) and chili lobster with mantouPhoto 2-5-15 6 49 35 pmThe Lobster Roll: Indeed, it is THE lobster roll. The bread roll is pan-fried and yet not too oily. Soft and warm on the inside, aromatic and a little crisp on the outside. Then you find yourself staring at the chunks of lobster meat spilling from the center of the roll. By the way, all of the lobster meat in that one roll comes from one single lobster. Tossed with mayonnaise, salt and pepper, the lobster meat is fresh, sweet and savoury at the same time. Do not forget to add a squeeze of lemon for an extra boost.
Photo 2-5-15 6 49 16 pmGrilled Whole Lobster: Pince and Pints are dedicated to serving the best. Their lobsters are imported from Boston, Maine and Canada, so it is no wonder that their live whole lobsters are juicy and fresh. For the more adventurous, dip your lobster meat into the herbed butter sauce for an elevated taste.

The lobster roll from Pince & Pints is truly impressionable and has definitely set a high benchmark for its competitors. They have aced every component of the lobster roll, including their straight cut fries. Despite a limited menu, this place will keep people coming back for more. And that includes me.

Pince & Pints 
32 Duxton Rd
Singapore 089496

Opening hours:
Mon-Sat: 5pm-11pm
Sun: Closed