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Genki Sushi

This is not just a normal plate of salmon sushi. It is not whisked around in a conveyor belt nor delivered to you by foot. It is transported on an express train-look alike from the kitchen right to your table. Did I mention that you order your sushi from an iPad?

Like I said, this is not just a normal salmon sushi. The already seared salmon slices have butter-mayo cream smeared all over and dusted with black pepper flakes. The sweetness of the salmon slices is complemented wonderfully by the savoury and yet mayo-sweet but not-too-overwhelming butter cream. The slight peppery taste adds the finishing touch to this unique dish. This dish is highly recommended, especially for those that are often intimidated by raw fish slices.

Seared Salmon with Black Pepper S$2.30

No you’re not seeing double here. Same concept, but different meat. Instead of salmon, you can opt for crab meat as well. However, salmon is my pick out of the two as the sweetness provided the contrast against the savoury flavour of the butter-mayo cream.

Seared Crab with Black Pepper S$2.30

Whenever I look at the iPad, I have no idea what to pick and try out of the array of choices provided. The chefs must have heard my prayer for they included this dish into their menu. 3-in-1. The classic raw Salmon Nigiri. The tantalizing Seared Salmon with Black Pepper. Or the special Seared Salmon with Pollock Roe. I love how the freshness of the salmon slices is brought out by the perfect Japanese rice. If not for my best friend, I would have had the whole plate to myself.

Salmon Triple Flavour S$3.50

What is Japanese food without Sashimi? Nonetheless, I will never leave without trying salmon sashimi. Relatively more fresh and tasty than the cheaper ones available at Sakae, the sashimi is worth the price and still affordable.

Sashimi S$3.80

Another basic Japanese dish that I adore, Chawanmushi. With the crab meat please. This is one of the best Chawanmushi that I’ve tried so far. The crab meat is fresh, as compared to other restaurants that serve frozen crab meat. The steamed egg is soft and smooth.

Steamed Egg Custard with Crab Meat S$3.80