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Pacamara Boutique Coffee Roasters @Upper Thomson

Opened in October last year, Pacamara has gained¬†popularity for its instagram-worthy delicious menu. Having gone through a process of repackaging, revamping and relocating, the shop appears to have been “born again”. The interiors are whitewashed and minimalist, just like a clean slate.

Why the name Pacamara? I’m guessing it was derived from their¬†El Salvadorean Pacamara Arabica coffee bean. A standard mocha here would not go wrong. It’s interesting to note that their refrigerator offers a variety of juices, ciders, sodas, ales and stouts that is sure to please everybody. On the other hand, their hot brew tea from The 1872 Clipper Tea collection failed to impress my companions or me. Even with its fancy beaker/flask ware. So how did their food fare?

Truffle Fries: To be honest, what can go wrong with fries? I’m not that picky but I get turned off easily by oily fries. So oily that they leave behind pools of oil on your thumb and index finger. BUT thankfully, Pacamara serves awesome non-oily truffle fries. A little less on the salt would be perfect ūüôā
Sweet Potato Fries: Seriously, I think we will come to a point when everything can be made into elongated fries. Well, if they are delicious, why not? These alternatives are a delight to your palette. Mildly sweet, they almost make you forget that you’re eating something fried and unhealthy. Be sure to order this to share with at least 3-4 people as it gets a little ‘je lak’ after the 5th one.
Ocean Mac & Cheese: This dish was simply heavenly.¬†Oven baked gometi¬†pasta with crabmeat and prawn, topped with smoked salmon. Every component of this dish was stellar¬†and yet, interdependent. I loved how little seasoning was needed as¬†the savoury cheese and sweet seafood chunks were sufficient to make one swoon¬†with every bite. Once you feel that¬†it’s getting too overwhelming, just pair the next spoonful with a bit of smoked salmon. Your sense of taste comes back to life.¬†Truffle¬†Benedict(Discontinued): Another of my favourite dish in Pacamara, but a shame that it was discontinued when a new menu was introduced 2 weeks ago. Firstly, it was the champion of weekend brunch shots. Taking over Instagram by storm, their eggs benny were¬†photogenic and never failed to garner top likes. Besides its good looks, the eggs benny are actually delicious. Ranked second on my favourite eggs benny list, the truffle-infused hollandaise sauce was a home run.¬†Breakfast Platter: For SGD22, the¬†plate is packed with everything that you can ask for. Multi grain toast, smoked salmon, avocado, hash, thick cuts of streaky bacon, mushroom, tomato, greens and choice of eggs(poached, sunny side up or scrambled) Though the greens look lacklustre and could do with more effort or at least some dressing, the rest of the plate did not disappoint. As always, the breakfast platter makes a safe and reliable choice.

Before I found out that the eggs benny was discontinued, I was constantly craving for it. And now, I’m craving for their Mac & Cheese. If a cafe could serve food that is so impressionable and unforgettable, you know its a place worth visiting again and again.

Pacamara Boutique Coffee Roasters (Singapore)
185 Upper Thomson Road
Singapore 574333

Opening Hours:
Daily: 9am-11pm
*No reservations

Canopy Garden Dining & Bar

Making a Quick Statement

A cafe with a garden setting for patrons to escape the huzz and buzz of city life, the menu has a variety of dishes to boast. From all-day breakfast to main courses, the western cafe definitely appeals to customers of all ages. Although it is inaccessibly nestled in the heart of Bishan Park 2, this cafe is fully booked days before and a long queue snakes at the door.  Although it is a pet-friendly cafe, it does not serve food for our pets. But still, both humans and canines never fail to gather.

We Recommend: Chili Crab Pasta (This pasta dish is number one on my list of favourites. Al dente linguine wrapped in creamy yet addictive chilli crab sauce with crab meat drizzled all over.)

Canopy Garden Dining & Bar
1382 Ang Mo Kio Ave 1
Bishan Park 2
Singapore 569931

Opening Hours:
Mon-Thurs, Sun & PH: 9am – 10.30pm
Fri-Sat: 9am – 11pm
Tel: 9116 4666