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Benten Cafe, and it has nothing to do with the cartoon.

Yes, its Benten, not Ben 10. The latter is a popular cartoon of the kids these days, so people often get mistaken with this particular restaurant situated at the top levels of Jurong Point. Serving a variety of Japanese and Western fusion cuisine that is affordable in the price range, you will be spoiled for choices to choose from. Having being a patron at the restaurant for a handful of times, I think I can help you narrow down your options.

Benten RestaurantSalmon Cream Soup Pasta: One of the three cream soup pasta that the restaurant has to offer, of course I would go for salmon. Besides boasting al dente spaghetti noodles, this dish packs a punch in the flavour aspect. Strong, creamy, slightly buttery and most importantly, the earthy/woodsy taste of shitake mushroom. You know what’s the best part of this dish, you can drink the soup.

Benten Restaurant

Chicken Katsu Curry Omu Rice: Do not be intimidated by the large concave oval plate that they serve up. Focus what’s inside. The rice is wrapped with a layer of omelette that is relatively thinner than most omu rice served else where. But most importantly, the Japanese curry is slightly spicy and yet flavourful, tying the entire dish together as a whole.

Benten RestaurantSeaweed and Bacon Cream Pasta: Uncanny resemblance with the first dish, but do not be mistaken. I was expecting a somewhat similar taste but to my surprise, the dish was totally different. Courtesy of the bacon, the cream sauce carries a strong meaty and savoury taste. It can be a little overwhelming as you reach the bottom of the plate, but nonetheless, this is recommended for cream pasta lovers.

Seafood Garlic Pasta: So what’s in store for people who do not really have a liking for cream sauce? Garlic pasta. The spaghetti tastes fresh, light and of course, garlicky. However, compared to the heavy flavours of the cream sauce, this dish may seemed to be a little bland.

The restaurant may not be busy during the weekdays, but be prepared for a queue during the weekends. Besides its Japanese and Western fusion cuisine, the restaurant also attracts regular patrons with its parfaits of varying sizes. So if you’re down by the west side of Singapore, do drop by Benten and try the dishes.

Benten Cafe
1 Jurong West Central 2
Jurong Point
Singapore 648886