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Updated: Tiong Bahru Bakery, pastries from a French baker.

There was so much hype about this “Tiong Bahru Bakery”. I was curious. Why would you name a bakery after a local street road? And most shocking of all, it’s opened by a French baker, Gontran Cherrier. Born to a family of bakers and pastry cooks for three generations, this Frenchman sure has a pedigree to boast.

Speciality bun with salmon and cream cheese S$8.50: I think I have talked so much about this dish that I sound like a broken record. But let me refresh your memory of my fetish for salmon. Once again, nothing goes wrong with salmon. The savoury smoked taste of the fish was perfectly contrasted by the buttery and smooth cream cheese, that was lathered pretty generously. The speciality bun was so soft that it goes so well with its overflowing contents. The only downside of this dish would be the overzealous amount of rockets, which can be quite a mouthful.

Tiong Bahru BakerySpeciality Bun with Bacon S$8.50: Nope, you’re not seeing double. This is a whole new different sandwich. And when I say different, I really mean different. You may seem sceptical of the taste that this colourful and messy arrangement of meat and veggie can bring to you. Never judge a book by its cover. The juicy streaky bacon. The crunchy fresh greens. The ultra soft speciality buns! Not to forget, sun-dried tomatoes are sprinkled randomly in the mess, giving that extra punch and twist to the sandwich. Thumbs up!

IMG_9348Speciality Bun with Ham: One of the sandwiches that they have in their pretty glass displays. Not the best of the bunch, but the ham slices are delicious and tasty with the bun and rockets.

IMG_9352Kouign Amann (Pronounced as queen-ah-manh): The name of this pastry literally means butter cake. Layers of firm dough folded with sugar and plenty of butter to result in this sinful indulgence. Sweet, light and fluffy, this is an excellent treat for people with a sweet tooth. For once, I’m ok with loading my body with this type of carbohydrates.

IMG_9326Chocolate croissant: The croissant is savoury sweet and delectable. Light and airy with visible distinct dough layers, the chocolate within is an extra boost. A pity that I have not tried the famous croissant.

IMG_9329Mixed Berry Crumble: The mixed berries are a little too sour for my liking but the saving grace has got to be the buttery and sweet crumble layer at the top.

Lemon Tart: I actually like the slight tinge of zest and tang for desserts like sorbets. But this tart is way too sour for my liking. You may have thought like me and try to pair the filling with more tart to neutralize the taste. Wrong move. The tart is almost as hard as a brick and you may find yourself almost impossible to enjoy the tart when you’re trying your very best to bite off a chunk while maintaining your posture.

Chocolate Mendiant with Nuts and Dried Fruits S$6.50: Somehow, the desserts didnt score really well with us that day. We love chocolate. But the combination with dried fruits is just too awkward and mushy for me.

Armed with only one unwilling friend, I could cover only a few pastries. But I am definitely going back for my favourites and try more. People might find this artisan bakery a little too pricey but I think this place is worth trying for an occasional indulgence in artisan pastry.

Tiong Bahru Bakery
252 North Bridge Road
B1-11/12 Raffles City Shopping Centre
Open daily 11am to 10pm


Poulet (pronounced as poo-lay) is a new French casual dining restaurant tucked away at Bugis +. Besides their speciality dish, the restaurant is also known for its braised duck, escargots and oxtail de Bourguignon. If you are looking for affordable (under $20) and reasonable French cuisine, look no further and try Poulet.


Poulet Roti, which simply means grilled chicken, is the speciality dish that we have to try at this up and rising French bistro. Tearing the flesh away from the bone may not be as easy as compared to the braised duck, but it is definitely easier then usual. At first bite, I could easily taste the savoury marinade of the meat which is surprisingly tender to chew. Not forgetting the restaurant’s home-made mushroom chardonnay sauce. This was what made the dish so interesting and addictive. Maybe because I have a thing for mushroom, but this dish got me wanting for more. In my opinion, the chicken meat and the special sauce had a seamless partnership to satisfy my taste buds and tummy.


Most would know that duck is not the speciality dish at Poulet. But this dish, Braise de Canard, struck me the most. The duck is so soft and tender, a few gentle swipes of your knife will de-bone the duck leg, making it easier for you to enjoy the meat with the sweet wine sauce. Accompanied with cranberry and glazed shallot, the sauce brings out the best in the duck meat. I may not know much about French cuisine, but this dish is winning me over.

PouletDo not be deceived by its sweet and innocent appearance. This Soy Bean Panna Cotta is just almond jelly with longan in disguise. I was pretty disappointed with the dessert. I’m sure I can make something like this, or even better.

201 Victoria Street
Level 4 Bugis+


Sembawang White Bee Hoon

When I first heard the phrase “White Beehoon”, the first thing that came to my mind was “Isn’t beehoon white in the first place?” I am that technical. Only when I saw the dish for my own eyes then I could understand the famed title, “Sembawang White Beehoon” Tucked away in a little corner of Sembawang, you can spot the queue for You Huak Restaurant from afar during peak periods. It can get as bad as an hour wait. Well, you cannot not order the speciality dish after all the queuing.

You Huak RestaurantThis is a large plate of wholesome goodness. Like hokkien mee, beehoon is cooked with a flavourful and thick gravy with bits of egg. Remember to squeeze the lime provided to inject some tangy and appetizing taste to the dish. The prawn is fresh and the veggies are tender. What more do I need to say about this? If you’re in the north side of Singapore, be sure to queue at this restaurant.

There are other side dishes that you can order along with your white beehoon.

You Huak RestaurantFried Sotong: the oriental version of calamari. These babies taste great with mayonnaise. Forget about the tummy and live the moment.

You Huak RestaurantPrawn Paste Chicken Wings: strong and deep marinade. Every bite brings a savoury taste.

You Huak RestaurantPrawn Omelette: Fluffy, thick and tasty. This is my favourite type of omelette.

You Huak RestaurantSambal Kang Kong: I do not eat spicy food but people never fails to order this there.

You Huak RestaurantNgoh Hiang: bite-size wonders. Crispy on the outside, they are fried to perfection. Do not forget the sweet chilli.

You Huak Restaurant
22 Jalan Tampang

Old Airport Road Food Centre

A list of dishes to try at the reputable food centre.

1. 51 Soya Bean   2. Western Barbeque (Chicken Chop)Western Barbeque   3. Albert Street Prawn NoodlesOld Airport Road Food Centre   4. Lao Fu Zi Fried Kway Teow   5. Lao Ban Soya Beancurd (so you won’t be the sua ku one)   6. Hua Kee Hougang Famous Wanton MeeHua Kee Hougang Famous Wanton Mee  7. Xiang Ji Lor Mee (#01-8, 8am-3pm)


This list is definitely not exhaustive. The more I try, the longer it will get.