What is the number 1 hobby among Singaporeans? Eat. Eat. Eat. Singaporeans are always on the munch. Not just any food, but good food. Bedok 85, Chomp Chomp, Old Airport Road, Jalan Kayu. These places are famous thanks to us Singaporeans, who are willing to go the extra mile for good food. Singapore is indeed a melting pot of great cuisine and eating experience. However, most often than not, we find ourselves asking “What to eat ah?”. So here’s a page to tell you what I’ve tried and the verdict.

This page promises you a different approach to food blogging. Most food bloggers prefer to introduce or recommend restaurants that they have tried. I’m bringing the individual dishes to you instead. I try to dissect the dish and relieve to you my dining experience. Since young, I have been going to certain restaurants or eateries for that particular dish. So time to take note of the few specialities that I will be recommending and get ready for love at first bite. – Ong Mei Ling

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It was love at first bite.

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