Latteria Mozzarella Bar

Chancing upon Latteria was an act of fate. The initial purpose of travelling to Duxton Road was to try the famous lobster roll at Pince and Pints. But lo and behold, the minimum waiting time was at least an hour. With rumbling tummies, we were forced to seek other dining options instead. Every cloud does have a silver lining. Walking around Duxton Hill aimlessly, we found ourselves at the beautiful patio of Latteria.

IMG_8839 Linguine Crab & Mascarpone: This dish promises to razzle and dazzle you with its fascinating combination of complementary flavours. Creamy and tangy, the sauce coats the smooth strands of linguine nicely and evenly. Garnished generously with crabmeat, this dish possesses a similar taste profile to Ricciotti’s Linguine Al Granchio.

IMG_8838Latteria Mac & Cheese: This dish has always been my weakness. Even if I know that with diminishing returns, I will not last more than 8 spoonfuls, I followed my heart and my gut to order this dish. Housed in a little pumpkin, this dish is irresistible and a visual feast. The baked cheese crust at the top provides a hearty and savoury boost to its taste profile. Mac & Cheese is indeed comfort for the tummy.

Dont brush off Latteria off as just another trattoria(Italian restaurant). The interior has an ageless and warm ambience while their service is exemplary. Food wise, I have said it all. We are definitely going back for seconds and more.

Latteria Mozzarella Bar
40 Duxton Hill
Singapore 089618

Opening hours:
Lunch: 12-3pm (unavailable on Sat)
Dinner: 6-11pm
Tel: +65 6866 1988

The Sushi Bar Far East Plaza

What started out as a small hole-in-the-wall 30-seater eatery, The Sushi Bar has progressed tremendously and opened another branch outlet in the same shopping centre. Tucked in the labyrinth of clothing shops of Far East Plaza, unknowing shoppers would only know of its existence from the long queue line. Set up in 2013, this sushi bar definitely does not lack popularity or diners in the peak hours. Even with 2 outlets in operation, do be prepared to queue for almost an hour. But once you dig in, it will be worth the wait. IMG_7982-0Sashimi: Sake and Hotate sashimi are staple orders whenever I’m having a Japanese meal. The Sushi Bar serves their salmon in uniformly thick slices. A little too thick for my own preference as I find it hard to enjoy the taste of each individual slices. 
IMG_7822-0Salmon Aburi Roll: One of their signature dishes, this is crave-worthy and top-notch. The relationship between seared salmon and mentaiko sauce is both mystical and complementary. 

I believe in quality food, especially Japanese cuisine as careful preparation is required to maintain flavour and freshness. But I also believe that we should pay for food that is value-for money. The Sushi Bar covers both the aspects of quality and value, and hence, is now my usual go-to Japanese eatery in town.

The Sushi Bar
Far East Plaza, #04-28
14 Scotts Road

Opening Hours:
Mon-Fri: 12.30-3pm, 5.30-9pm
Sat: 12.30-9pm
Tel: 9653 6464