Department Of Caffeine, more than just a family business

Finally, I venture into the rustic lanes of Duxton Road to check out one of the cafes that has been gathering raves and reviews in our sunny island. The name suggests that this quaint little cafe is pretty serious about the coffee and tea that they serve to their customers. Yet similarly, D.O.C promises to provide comforting and affordable food for the masses. IMG_2524D.O.C Platter: Scrambled eggs and bacon wrapped meatloaf on toasted brioche with tomato confit and cheese boccincini. The eggs were done well, though a little more seasoning would be perfect. And I think the classy plating just made my breakfast look like a million dollars.

IMG_2532Sausages, mushrooms & egg: English pork sausages with mushroom ragout topped with a sunny side up egg on toasted artisanal sourdough. Nothing can go wrong with this power combination, maybe except for the choice of bread. Not really a big fan of sourdough for breakfast dishes.


Although I swapped my regular mocha for a banana smoothie, I did not regret my decision. The smoothie was refreshing and a great start for the day. However, being named Department of Caffeine, I silently promised myself that I’m definitely trying its mocha the second round. You heard me right, D.O.C is definitely worth another visit. If you’re not ready to wait for seats, be sure to make a reservation first.

Department of Caffeine

15 Duxton Road
Singapore, 089481

Opening Hours
Mon-Fri: 10.30 – 7.30
Sat-Sun: 9.30 – 7.30
Tel: 6223 3426