Nam Nam Noodle Bar

Making a Quick Statement

Singaporeans love to eat. So it’s not wrong to say that most of us eat anything or everything. Joining the local F&B industry is a small eatery offering vietnamese cuisine with outlets at Wheelock and Raffles City. A simple menu is made up of Banh Mi (toasted baguettes) and Pho (thin Kway teow in a special broth) as their highlights while small side dishes, desserts and drinks make up the rest.

We Recommend: Pho Chicken (tender chicken chunks served with well-cooked thin kway teow in a delicious beef broth cooked for 24 hours. The tinge of freshly squeezed lime whets your appetite and keeps you wanting more.)

Nam Nam Noodle Bar
501 Orchard Road
#B2-02, Wheelock Place,
Singapore 238880

Opening Hours:
8am to 9.30pm (last order)
Tel: 6735 1488

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