Ssikkek Korean BBQ Restaurant

Making a Quick Statement

The Hallyu wave have gotten our locals going gaga over K-pop, K-drama, K-variety and even Korean style BBQ. Ssikek was one of the first few to start gaining popularity with us food lovers. A variety of meat such as beef, pork and chicken are provided buffet style for diners to grill over a hot iron heated electrically. What this restaurant lacks is smoke suction systems and a boss that delegates responsibilities. Despite a less-than-efficient service,

We Recommend: Garlic Chicken (The beef seems somewhat bland to my liking. I miss the black pig grill in Jeju island.)

Ssikkek Korean BBQ Restaurant
United Square
101 Thomson Road, B1-15/16/17
Singapore 307591

Opening Hours
Weekdays: 11.30am to 2.30pm (Lunch)
5pm to 11pm (Dinner)
Weekends/PH : 11.30am to 11pm
Tel: 6254 8123


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