Five and Dime.

IMG_6132Nestled in the midst of the urban housing of River Valley Road, Five and Dime is at least 15 minutes away from the nearest MRT Station, Somerset. Yet, this eatery is not lacking in patrons on a late Saturday morning. Couples, friends and even non-locals are familiar faces among the crowds here to have their bellies filled with brunch. The setting is a two-storey shophouse that exudes a cosy and homely ambience. If you do get the chance to visit the second floor, you would be surprise to find an actual table tennis table right smack in the middle of the room. This extraordinary table does not only have decorative purposes but serves as a dining table for the customers. This peculiar interior might cut back on the eatery’s seating capacity but as a result, it provides opportunities for different groups of patrons sharing the table to interact. Not really a Singaporean custom, but the foreigners are often the ones to start the ball rolling.
IMG_6125Eggs Benny (Poached eggs on warm brioche with smoked ham, mesculun greens, breakfast potatoes and fruit salad): Personally, I felt that cured ham is far more superior than mere smoked ham in an eggs benedict as the taste level would be far more complicated with the hollandaise sauce and runny yolk. In addition, they could be more generous with their serving of hollandaise sauce. The eggs benny would definitely be more wholesome and stronger in flavour. But for its pricing, the eggs benny is definitely worth its price. You get what you pay for right?

wBig Breakkie (Choice of scrambled or sunny side up eggs with pork bacon, chicken chipolata sausages, baked beans, sauteed mushrooms and thick toast): Nothing can go wrong with pork bacon and scrambled eggs, tasty essentials for a big breakfast. But I’m usually picky at brunch dishes. So things like soggy mushroom turns me off. According to Gordon Ramsay, the chef has definitely boiled the mushrooms, instead of sauteeing them with a fire that’s too low. And baked beans is just too weird for a typical Singaporean having brunch.

Overall, this eatery scores well with its service and interior design. However, its menu and food quality might lose out to competitions in the same industry. I am sure foodies such as Singaporeans are willing to pay the extra dollar for much better brunch. With its inaccessibility to top it all up, I’m sure I won’t be visiting Five and Dime anytime soon.

Five and Dime 
297 River Valley Road
Singapore 238338
Opening Hours: 
Monday – Thursday: 12pm – 10pm
Friday: 12pm – 12am
Saturday: 10am – 12am
Sunday: 10am – 10pm
Serving Time:
Lunch (Mon – Fri) : 12pm – 5pm
Brunch (Sat – Sun) : 10pm – 3pm
Dinner : 6pm – 9.30pm*
Supper: 10pm – 11.30pm*

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