Penang Travelogue: Sungai Pinang

IMG_5496When people talk about food in Penang, most would mention Gurney Drive, the street famous for its local fare at night. I was looking forward to having a taste of the authentic flavours, but my evening flight back home clashed with Gurney Drive’s late opening hours. So what happens if you’re in Penang and you really want to try Penang local cuisine? You head to Sungai Pinang.
IMG_5501Penang Laksa: It was my first attempt of the famed Penang Laksa and there is no better place to try it than its place of origins. I hope I can find a mean version back in Singapore because the bar has been set pretty high. Spicy, sour and salty. All the different flavours packed into a small bowl. The plain white thick beehoon goes exceptionally well with the feisty broth. Slices of raw onion, cucumber and coriander leaves are just perfect finishing touches to this dish. If you have not tried Penang Laksa, I strongly recommend that you do.
IMG_5504Oyster Omelette: This dish possesses multiple forms and taste in different countries such as Singapore, Malaysia and Taiwan. Penang serves oyster omelette that is entirely similar to our local’s fare. Tasty and yet less starchy than the rendition in Taiwan. IMG_5519Penang Fried Kway Teow: This is distinctively different from Singapore’s Char Kway Teow. Firstly, the former is much lighter in appearance. This is due to the lack of dark soya sauce as compared to our version. The taste is the second difference. The dominant flavour of the Penang Fried Kway Teow is salty, instead of the sweet soya sauce found in our Char Kway Teow. Thanks to a strong wok-fire, the street is taste and flavourful
IMG_5511Grilled Scallops: Something that you do not get to see often in Singapore. The shellfish are well-seasoned and grilled to perfection. Doesn’t take a shellfish lover to love this dish.
IMG_5518Barbecue Chicken Wings: Another familiar sight in Penang. The wings are well-marinated, tasty and adequately moist. I was caught devouring quite a few of them.
IMG_5538I took a walk around the area and found the place remotely similar to some of our food centres, like Newton Circus or even Chomp Chomp. But of course, the area here is much bigger and can accommodate many more tables than ours. It can get pretty stuffy during dusk but the affordable food and fruit juice will keep you distracted.

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