Hoshi, Japanese Buffet in the West.

If you’re a typical Singaporean, nothing can go wrong with Japanese Buffet. Our love for Japanese cuisine and buffet meals are both fulfilled and relinquished at the same time. The dining industry have seen a rise in restaurants offering buffets specializing only in Japanese cuisines. From teppanyanki to sashimi to sushi to sukiyaki, such restaurants provide a variety of Japanese dishes that you can choose from.

Tucked away at the far west side of our sunny island, not many locals would have heard of Hoshi Japanese Restaurant. Located at IMM since 1993, I could recall my family heading to this restaurant for our occasional fix for Japanese teppanyanki ┬áin my younger years, probably when sushi chains such as Sakae Sushi were not the trend yet. After almost a decade, we’re back to this restaurant but with a whole new perspective of Japanese food.
IMG_3931Sashimi: If you’re a fan of Sashimi, you should be able to discern the quality with your sight and taste. Having tried fresh salmon sashimi from the fish markets of Hokkaido in Japan, nothing else in Singapore could be on par with that level of quality. So without being unreasonable, there is certain standards that we can distinguish for our local sashimi. Coming from an affordable buffet pricing, do not expect A* for their sashimi obviously. The slices are good enough to satisfy your sashimi cravings and do not carry any weird odour. But visibly, you can tell that the sashimi they have are not top-notch in terms of freshness.
IMG_3938Teppanyaki Salmon: This is what my brother and I grew up with. Only a handful teppanyanki restaurant serve their salmon fillets with a special sweet and grainy sauce that makes the dish delectable and appetizing. This could probably be the only thing that my family would return for.

Personally, there will only be two reasons for me to dine at this restaurant. One, if I’m at the West side of the island and two, the teppanyanki salmon. A friendly advice, one would enjoy their experience much better on off-peak weekdays. The service is more prompt and teppanyanki dishes are served as per ordered.

Hoshi Japanese Restaurant
IMM Building
2 Jurong East Street 21
Singapore (609601)
Tel: +65 6425 0520