Pinch and Punch for the First day of the Month: Dim Sum

Swee Choon
Dim Sum simply means, “touch your heart”.

Five food facts about Dim Sum:

1. The art of dim sum originated from yum cha (tea tasting), where travellers along the Silk Road stopped by Tea Houses to rest.

2. The custom of tapping two fingers to thank the person pouring tea started when the companion of an Emperor on incognito wanted to show his appreciation without attracting attention when the latter poured tea for him.

3. Dim Sum is traditionally pushed around the restaurant in steam carts

4. Chinese teacups do not have handles so that if the sides of the cup are too hot to handle with your fingers, the tea is too hot to drink.

5. If you’re teapot is running low on hot water and requires a refill, lift the lid and tilt it diagonally on the opening of the pot.