Taipei Travelogue Part 2: Hello Kitty Sweets

What To Eat Ah, in Taipei (Restaurants):


IMG_2404Tiramisu: The tiramisu here is reasonably done. Soft and airy layers in between coupled with the taste of coffee. However, having tried the version at Taipei101, my expectations of the coffee dessert has definitely risen. In comparison, the former lacks depth in flavor and texture.
IMG_2394Hello Kitty Pudding: This pudding is a complimentary dessert that comes along with the dessert set. Milky, sweet and jelly-like. Need I say more?
IMG_2381Red Tea Pudding: I’m not sure what I was more intrigued by, the bottle or the red tea. It’s not everyday you see your dessert set in a dolly bottle or a red tea flavored dessert. Must be a Taiwan thing. Well, after the novelty of the dessert wears off, you will realize that they could be stronger in the red tea flavor. Or maybe I’m just abit of a sweet tooth.IMG_2379Cheesecake: According to my friend, “it doesn’t taste nice”. Rough irregular texture and lacking in a sweet milky flavour. Guess the Hello Kitty face is the only thing that’s sweet of this dessert. IMG_2378Chocolate Tart: I cannot remember the exact name of this dessert so this is just a rough gauge. The crust of the tart is not too hard and the dark chocolate is sweet and overwhelming. Not sure whether my friend could even finish this plate. IMG_2375One of the three must-go restaurants in Taipei, I suggest that you only go for the interior design or design of the dessert. The menu offers savoury main dish as well but is pretty over-priced and there is a minimum spending of 300NT ($12 plus) per customer required. I recommend the dessert set that comes along with a Hello Kitty Pudding and a drink. Save the thinking, save the eating. This Hello Kitty Restaurant sure has its buzz worldwide, but definitely not due to the quality of its food.

Hello Kitty Sweets
No. 90號, Section 1, Dà’ān Rd,
Daan District,
Taipei City, Taiwan 106
+886 2 2711 1132
Operating Hours: 11.30am-10.00pm
Nearest MRT Station: Zhongxiao fuxing station


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