Kith Cafe, convene and consume.

IMG_0412Kith (noun): One’s friends, acquaintances, and relations

This new cafe has entered the scene for almost half a year now, cooking up a storm in the brunch industry. Urbanlites, armed with their camera phones to Instagram, were seen thronging down for a good serving of breakfast and roasted coffee. Named one of the top ten All-Day Breakfast Places in Singapore by Epicure Asia and top five Cafes, Bars and Restaurants in Singapore by Monocle Magazine, I guessed it was time for me to check it out. 
IMG_0432Big Breakfast: We all picked this brunch dish from the menu unanimously, and we definitely do not regret our decision. Although I will only have one dish to review. Besides a spread of perfectly grilled savoury sausage, deliciously sinful bacon slices, woody mushrooms and a juicy tomato half, you get to choose how you want your egg done and the type of bread to go along. The scrambled was well done. Slightly runny and yet well-seasoned. The Brioche that I chose on the other hand was soft and well complemented by the butter. The more adventurous would be piqued by more unique choices such as multigrain or sourdough. 

IMG_0408I love how the outdoor section of the cafe has a simple open concept with the placing of just a few pillars and furniture. Located away at the secluded part of town at Park Mall, people heading for their morning breakfast will be treated to a little dose of tranquility and serenity. Why do I like this cafe? Because it is opened as early as 8am. So if you’re someone who likes to have your morning brunch without the crazy crowd, this is one place to check out. Excellent food, excellent service, what more can you ask for?

Kith Cafe (Park Mall)
9 Penang Road
8am – 10pm

Special Post: Bangkok Travelogue

What To Eat Ah, in Bangkok

1. Wanton MeeIMG_9465So many Singaporeans have patronised this wanton mee stall that there are signs in English and Mandarin on display. Even the service crew can speak fluent Mandarin to recommend dishes and take orders. Do take note that the portion of each bowl is extremely small. You will most probably be able to pick up all the noodles in the bowl with your chopsticks at one try. So do order an extra large bowl or multiple ones if you have a big appetite.

The noodles is springy and well-drizzled with onion oil. But what I desired most were the juicy wantons that you could never have enough of.

IMG_9895Soi 19 Petchburi Road,
Pratunam, Bangkok.

2. Ta Ko
IMG_9502One of my all-time favourite desserts, I could not resist trying out the authentic Thai version. The ones that I grew up with in Singapore is the Western version. So I was caught by surprise to discover the former to be sweet and salty while the latter is plainly sweet. The top layer is made of coconut milk that gives off a salty flavour and a white colour in appearance. The bottom half, consists of corn, sugar and rice flour, is sweet and opaque in appearance. There’s a dessert shop at the fruit market section of ChatuChak that you can buy this dessert from.

3. MacDonalds Samurai Pork Burger
IMG_9587Once again, I stress that I’m not an advocate of Fast Food, but one does not simply not try a pork burger when out of town. Succulent pork patty with a great sauce. This burger may be likened to the grilled chicken burger that’s available in our sunny island, but it is a whole new experience for your palates.

4. Thai SteamboatIMG_9631Our initial intention was to find the original Mookata for the authentic experience at an extremely low price. However, our tuktuk driver claimed that the restaurant was closed that day so he brought us to this eating place instead.

IMG_9626The proper way of eating Mookata is to place pieces of lard on the top of the steamboat so that the fat will drip all over the sides. At the end of the meal, the “moat” will contain a broth that is extremely strong in flavour. A suggestion to stay away from shellfish as it might be “unclean”.

5. Bird’s NestIMG_9697If you were to travel all the way to Chinatown of Bangkok, you would come across several shops that offer Bird’s Nest dessert. For a bowl of third grade Bird’s Nest, you only have to pay S$12. Affordable tonic for the body and complexion.

Nam Sing Bird’s Nest Shark Fin Restaurant 南星魚翅燕窩樓
39-47 Soi Texas, Phadung Dao Road, Yaowaraj,
Bangkok, Thailand.

6. Pomegranate Juice.IMG_9708If you happen to be walking around Chinatown (nothing much there), do stop by one of these mobile fruit juice carts and get a bottle of this exotic fruit, freshly squeezed. It will be refreshing, cooling and perfect for the hot weather.
7. International Buffet at Baiyoke Sky HotelIMG_9739At a height of 78 storeys,  you can enjoy an international buffet with a city view at the top of the tallest hotel in Thailand. For a low charge of 720 baht or S$28.80, do not expect fine dining quality of the food and service. But it will suffice as your average buffet as they offer a wide array of cuisines. From their local fare to Japanese, Indian and Western dishes, you’ll be spoiled for choices.
IMG_9832The buffet charges includes free admission to the hotel’s outdoor revolving deck at the very top that offers a panorama view of the Bangkok skyline.

Baiyoke Sky Hotel (Bangkok)
222 Soi Ratchaprarop 3, Rathaprarop Road, Ratchathewi,
Bangkok Thailand 10400

Travelling around Bangkok

1. SkytrainIMG_9576The skytrain is pretty connected around the city of Bangkok. With less than a few bucks, you can reach places like MBK, Chatuchak and even the Four-faced Buddha. Be sure to prepare coins of 10 baht and 5 baht to purchase the train ticket.

2. TuktukIMG_9609One of the fastest way to get around the congested roads of Bangkok, you will be amazed by the way these drivers weave in and out of traffic. But beware though, these Tuktuks do not come cheap. The drivers usually fix the price between 100-200 baht. And if the drivers offer 50 baht, the catch is that they will bring you to a tourist souvenir shop in order to get a “stamp”. Sometimes taxis are cheaper, so do try the tuktuks a thrilling experience.









Saveur, savour the flavour.

IMG_9392Saveur, translated from French means flavour. One of the few restaurants that appeared on the French casual dining scene. You will be amazed by the level of popularity here. 10 full minutes before the restaurant is due to be opened on a typical weekday, there is a queue snaking outside. Less than half an hour after the doors have opened, the restaurant is half-filled. Ironically, I was part of the “kiasu” queue as well. IMG_9366Garden Salad: Refreshing and crunchy greens with a zesty vinaigrette drizzled over, though in miserable amount. the salad helps to clear your palette for the main entrée. IMG_9374 Duck: Duck by confit, mashed potatoes, shitake mushrooms, orange segments and orange infused juus. The marriage between the savoury meat and creamy mash is divine. The duck meat is soft, tender and comes off the bone easily. To top it off, the shitake mushrooms are perfectly seasoned and sautéed to give a earthy taste. IMG_9385Fish: Pan seared sea bass, diced potato and caper vinaigrette. For those who favour a slightly milder taste, you can try the fish entrée which is fresh and cooked to perfection.

Chicken Roulade: Chicken thigh stuffed with foie gras infused chicken farce (stuffing) served with creamy basmati rice and parmesan sauce. Duck confit may still be my favourite dish here at Saveur, but this dish sure scored some high points. The chicken is tender and goes perfectly well with the rice and sauce. Together, the different ingredients creates an explosion of flavours in your palate. From the savoury chicken meat to the cheesiness and creaminess of the rice. Definitely a must try.

Pistachio Panna Cotta: Fans of this Italian dessert would be delighted to dig your spoon in. Smooth and silky pistachio flavoured cooked cream topped with ground and caramelised pistachio. Yum.

IMG_9402There’s no need to compare Saveur with its market rival, Poulet. Obviously, despite serving French casual cuisine, both restaurants offer distinctively different dishes. Prompt service and systematic, I’m definitely coming back to satisfy my craving of duck confit.

5 Purvis Street,
Talib Court #01-04,
Singapore 188584

Updated: Tiong Bahru Bakery, pastries from a French baker.

There was so much hype about this “Tiong Bahru Bakery”. I was curious. Why would you name a bakery after a local street road? And most shocking of all, it’s opened by a French baker, Gontran Cherrier. Born to a family of bakers and pastry cooks for three generations, this Frenchman sure has a pedigree to boast.

Speciality bun with salmon and cream cheese S$8.50: I think I have talked so much about this dish that I sound like a broken record. But let me refresh your memory of my fetish for salmon. Once again, nothing goes wrong with salmon. The savoury smoked taste of the fish was perfectly contrasted by the buttery and smooth cream cheese, that was lathered pretty generously. The speciality bun was so soft that it goes so well with its overflowing contents. The only downside of this dish would be the overzealous amount of rockets, which can be quite a mouthful.

Tiong Bahru BakerySpeciality Bun with Bacon S$8.50: Nope, you’re not seeing double. This is a whole new different sandwich. And when I say different, I really mean different. You may seem sceptical of the taste that this colourful and messy arrangement of meat and veggie can bring to you. Never judge a book by its cover. The juicy streaky bacon. The crunchy fresh greens. The ultra soft speciality buns! Not to forget, sun-dried tomatoes are sprinkled randomly in the mess, giving that extra punch and twist to the sandwich. Thumbs up!

IMG_9348Speciality Bun with Ham: One of the sandwiches that they have in their pretty glass displays. Not the best of the bunch, but the ham slices are delicious and tasty with the bun and rockets.

IMG_9352Kouign Amann (Pronounced as queen-ah-manh): The name of this pastry literally means butter cake. Layers of firm dough folded with sugar and plenty of butter to result in this sinful indulgence. Sweet, light and fluffy, this is an excellent treat for people with a sweet tooth. For once, I’m ok with loading my body with this type of carbohydrates.

IMG_9326Chocolate croissant: The croissant is savoury sweet and delectable. Light and airy with visible distinct dough layers, the chocolate within is an extra boost. A pity that I have not tried the famous croissant.

IMG_9329Mixed Berry Crumble: The mixed berries are a little too sour for my liking but the saving grace has got to be the buttery and sweet crumble layer at the top.

Lemon Tart: I actually like the slight tinge of zest and tang for desserts like sorbets. But this tart is way too sour for my liking. You may have thought like me and try to pair the filling with more tart to neutralize the taste. Wrong move. The tart is almost as hard as a brick and you may find yourself almost impossible to enjoy the tart when you’re trying your very best to bite off a chunk while maintaining your posture.

Chocolate Mendiant with Nuts and Dried Fruits S$6.50: Somehow, the desserts didnt score really well with us that day. We love chocolate. But the combination with dried fruits is just too awkward and mushy for me.

Armed with only one unwilling friend, I could cover only a few pastries. But I am definitely going back for my favourites and try more. People might find this artisan bakery a little too pricey but I think this place is worth trying for an occasional indulgence in artisan pastry.

Tiong Bahru Bakery
252 North Bridge Road
B1-11/12 Raffles City Shopping Centre
Open daily 11am to 10pm