Ambush, a flavour of Europe

With a tomato as a logo, this restaurant is a simple casual dining place that provides a variety of European cuisines. From the bratwurst to pasta, Ambush aims to cater and please several palettes at once. Tagged with affordable and reasonable prices, the dishes may not be top-notched but definitely worth it.
IMG_8931Cream of Chicken Soup: The soup is fragrant and of course, creamy in texture. Although it could be more generous with the chicken essence, it is still a bowl of comfort for the tummy.

IMG_8959Salmon pasta with Chili Crab Sauce: This dish totally caught me and my taste buds by surprise. If you’re a fan of chili crab, you have gotta have a go at this dish. It is literally eating pasta with chili crab sauce, just less thick and strong than the actual sauce they serve with the crustacean.

IMG_8964Bratwurst Sausage with Cranberry Rice: The bratwurst is savoury and crave-worthy. The rice is deliciously addictive and the bits of cranberry provides a unique fruity sweet taste.

IMG_8969Baby Scallop Fusilli with Fish Roe Cream: Another creamy pasta that works wonders with your palates. The cream sauce is full in flavour and overwhelming with the help of the baby scallops. Keeps you wanting for more. 

IMG_8973Chicken Sausage set with Rosti: The chicken sausage tastes distinctively different from the bratwurst with a slightly grainy texture. It carries a less hearty and meaty taste than the latter. Ambush’s rendition of the rosti is commendable but pales in comparison with the ones at Marche.

Ambush (Junction 8)
9 Bishan Place
Junction 8 Shopping Centre

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