Ambush, a flavour of Europe

With a tomato as a logo, this restaurant is a simple casual dining place that provides a variety of European cuisines. From the bratwurst to pasta, Ambush aims to cater and please several palettes at once. Tagged with affordable and reasonable prices, the dishes may not be top-notched but definitely worth it.
IMG_8931Cream of Chicken Soup: The soup is fragrant and of course, creamy in texture. Although it could be more generous with the chicken essence, it is still a bowl of comfort for the tummy.

IMG_8959Salmon pasta with Chili Crab Sauce: This dish totally caught me and my taste buds by surprise. If you’re a fan of chili crab, you have gotta have a go at this dish. It is literally eating pasta with chili crab sauce, just less thick and strong than the actual sauce they serve with the crustacean.

IMG_8964Bratwurst Sausage with Cranberry Rice: The bratwurst is savoury and crave-worthy. The rice is deliciously addictive and the bits of cranberry provides a unique fruity sweet taste.

IMG_8969Baby Scallop Fusilli with Fish Roe Cream: Another creamy pasta that works wonders with your palates. The cream sauce is full in flavour and overwhelming with the help of the baby scallops. Keeps you wanting for more. 

IMG_8973Chicken Sausage set with Rosti: The chicken sausage tastes distinctively different from the bratwurst with a slightly grainy texture. It carries a less hearty and meaty taste than the latter. Ambush’s rendition of the rosti is commendable but pales in comparison with the ones at Marche.

Ambush (Junction 8)
9 Bishan Place
Junction 8 Shopping Centre

Fast Food Recommendation: Burger King Christmas Special

This is a special post. I have never done review on fast food before, for obvious reasons. But my dinner last night was too good that I had to make an exception.

burger kingA twist of fate occurred last night when my order for a Christmas Tendercrisp was replaced by the Christmas Beef instead. And you can imagine how big my eyes grew at the first bite of the burger. Tasty grilled beef patty with succulent ham, gooey melted American cheese, juicy tomatoes and lettuces and incredulous sauce to bind all the ingredients between the buns holistically together. So if you’re going to eat Burger King anytime, I definitely recommend you to try The King’s Christmas Beef. And be ready to be blown away.


The Marmalade Pantry

Ion Orchard is like Heaven and Earth packed in a building. In the basement level, its a shopping haven for the mankind. And when you ascend to the first storey and above, you will shop like the Gods. From Diane Von Furstenburg to Miu Miu, my wallet shrinks at the sight of the posh headboards. But situated at the centre of the second level is a casual dining restaurant with a clean, modern look. Offering a variety of fusion cuisine and indulgent desserts, the restaurant is not lacking in patrons even on weekdays. IMG_8900Oriental Grilled King Salmon with Soba: For the first time, I enjoyed the dish that wasn’t my order. The salmon fillet was seared to perfection. Cooked on the outside, but delectably moist and slightly pinkish inside. The meat is also seasoned well such that the original flavour of my favourite fish is not lost. The cha soba that they serve as a side is light, simple and a delicious contrast of taste and bite.

IMG_8888Pan Seared Snapper: The dish that I ordered, failed to impress me. Despite serving perfectly cooked snapper fillets with ratatouille, the dish is too bland for my liking. It lacks the fireworks that I usually seek for.

Marmalade PantryFluffy Coconut Cream Cake

IMG_8920Lemon Meringue Sponge Cake: The meringue is light, sweet and fluffy. Although the sponge layers can be more moist, the main character of the cake is the custard cream that carries a tang of lemon zest, bringing the the entire cake to life.



The Marmalade Pantry (ION Orchard)
2 Orchard Turn
#03-22 to #03-34 ION Orchard
Mon – Sun: 10am – 10pm


Arbite [ahr-bahyt] 
A pun on the German/Danish word for work (arbeit). Inspired by Europe but rooted in Singapore. An intrinsic honesty to the word. This permeates everything that we do and serve.


Serangoon Gardens has been an enclave of local bites from Chomp Chomp to RK eating house. But in recent years, more and more restaurants that offer unique casual dining have been popping up across the residential estate. Arbite, freshly opened just across Chomp Chomp a couple of years ago by 3 secondary school buddies, promises patrons quality European cuisine at a reasonable and affordable price. So that is “yay” for both the tummy and the wallet. The restaurant bears a white, minimalist and simple chic.


Grilled Moroccan Chicken: Chicken thigh marinated in Moroccan Spices served with Pilaf rice, side salad and tomato olive salsa. The splash of red tomatoes and greens provides a visual feast even before you dig in. The chicken thigh is tender and well-seasoned, bringing out the distinct middle-eastern spice flavour. The taste was so different and unique that it was a special treat for my taste buds. I tend to not finish my rice as I control my carbo intake, but the pilaf rice was my kryptonite. So delectable, I finished all of the rice. It was that good. As a bonus, the tomato salsa and greens are sweet, fresh and crunchy. A contrast to the more savoury-tasting chicken and pilaf rice.
IMG_8725Pappardelle with Mushroom and Parma Ham: Button mushrooms, spinach, parma ham and cream sauce drizzled with truffle oil. If you’re popping by Arbite, you have to at least take a bite of their home-made pasta. The cream sauce drizzled with truffle oil is smooth, creamy and delicious. Interestingly, the essence of spinach could be picked out from the sauce. This showed the effort and commitment put into the entire dish. The pasta is smooth and fresh. The only downside was how the strong concentrated taste of the parma ham would dominate the entire dish, instead of complementing it.

IMG_6140Eggs Benedict: Ingredient wise, the Eggs Benny here is almost similar to the one at Wild Honey. Toasted Brioche, runny Hollandaise Sauce and cured ham. Poached eggs were well-done but carried the familiar tinge of vinegar. Tasty hollandaise sauce and perfect cured ham, overall, this eggs benny is good enough for a weekend brunch

IMG_6146Arbite Breakfast:: Scrambled eggs, bacon, baked beans, grilled tomato, veal bratwurst, satueed mushrooms and fried potato balls. A hearty breakfast-brunch for the hungry souls on a bright and sunny weekend. I love the combination of creamy scrambled eggs, salty bacon and soft satueed mushroom slices all in one bite. This dish definitely serve well to satisfy my taste bud and tummy. 
IMG_8705Arbite offers an elaborate and extensive menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I definitely would want to come back and try more.

66A Serangoon Garden Way
Singapore 555962

Eighteen Chefs, serving food with a stronger purpose.

Inspired by Fifteen, a UK restaurant-chain started by celebrity chef Jamie Oliver, Eighteen Chef was founded for a special purpose. The main aim that Benny Se Teo, the founder of this restaurant, set out for was to provide troubled delinquents and ex-convicts a non-judgemental working environment, and hence, an easier integration back into the society. But honestly, I had no idea until I did a little research on the restaurant. And do not let this knowledge cloud your judgement on the quality of their food either. They definitely do not lack in the taste compartment. With an internship at Fifteen to boast, Benny created a Western menu that is sure to delight. You will be thrilled by the “Be your own Chef” section where you are offered 8 sauces, 30 ingredients and 12 top-ups to choose to pair with your pasta or rice. A novel way for customers to customise their dish according to their own whims and fancies. The more adventurous will probably be piqued by sauces such as Creamy Mango or Red and White. But I prefer to try out something safe and conventional at the first visit.

Eighteen ChefsCheese baked rice with sausage and creamy white sauce: Served in a slightly deeper pasta bowl than normal, the sight of the slightly burnt cheese on the top layer is just thrilling. As I scarfed down spoonfuls, I noticed that the cheese was only present at the top instead of being between layers for the more wholesome taste. However, the cheese layer was so generous at the top that it’s sufficient for each scoop. The gooey mixture of thick melted cheese and creamy sauce with grainy rice hits the spot for me and provides warmth and comfort for the tummy.

Eighteen ChefsBolognaise Cheese Fries: Mozzarella cheese-baked fries topped with tasty beef bolognaise sauce. The hearty taste of the beef bolognaise, the smooth and concentrated-flavour of the cheese. Need I say more?

Tucked away at a remote corner of Eastpoint Mall near Simei Station, the restaurant can be easily missed. With not a lot of space and seats to offer, the restaurant is almost full during dinner time. Even on weekdays. Most of the patrons are young adults and especially those who are still studying, no thanks to the all-day student meal promotion. Setting themselves apart from the normal 11am-5pm student meal timing, students eating at Eighteen Chefs can enjoy their pasta or baked rice with limited choice of toppings, a glass of iced lemon tea and a scoop of ice-cream for just a price of $6.40. I’m really starting to dread working life.

Eighteen Chefs
3 Simei Street 6
Eastpoint Mall, #01-36,
Singapore 528833

Tel: 6782 1298

Sun – Thu 11.30am – 10pm
Fri, Sat and Eve’s of Public Holiday 11.30pm-11pm