Farmart, more than just a farm.

So why am I doing a food review of a farm centre that provides farm tours and pet attractions to families? Well, obviously, there must be something to eat here. This is one of the food places that my whole extended family would gather for the occasional impromptu Sunday dinner. Nobody is going to wax lyrical about the ambience of the outdoor eatery. But you will be amazed by the weekend crowd during dinner time despite the inaccessibility of the place.

Once you find yourself a table, do not expect a waiter to ask for you order, except for the drinks stall. Take a walk along the few food stalls and make your orders instead. From your typical Zi Char dishes to bbq seafood, served in aluminium foil, to your favourite chicken wings and satay. The tip is to lay off the carbohydrates such as rice and noodles and concentrate on the real deal. Indulge in the seafood such as crayfish, crab, prawns, gong gong, la la and stingray that has been grilled with a special garlic sauce. Don’t forget the Otah as well.

FarmartCrayfish: So fresh, you can just pull out the meat in one full piece and consume it slowly with pleasure.

FarmartPrawns: Grilled with butter and chopped garlic, this dish is a feast for the eyes and nose even before you can taste anything. Just like the crayfish, the prawn is fresh, making you crave for more of the sweet and firm meat.

FarmartBBQ Chicken Wings: Might not be the best that I’ve tried, but the marinade is deep and tasty enough to prevent you from stopping at one.

FarmartCrab: I have no idea how cheap these crustaceans are but apparently enough to order one for each person. Go ahead and use all ten fingers that you have been blessed with as you crack the crab apart into pieces. I guess the reason why crab tastes so wonderful owes to the fact that we have to work hard to pry the meat from the different parts.

Farmart Centre
67 Sungei Tengah Rd
Singapore 699008


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