Swee Choon, Dim Sum till the wee hours

For months, people have been thronging to this place for some dim sum lovin even at the wee hours. As usual, I got curious and the only way to know more was to taste the food for myself.

In operation for 50 years, Swee Choon has established a name in the dim sum dining industry. Not only Swee Choon redefined the menu of dim sum but the usual timing for dim sum as well. The norm of eating dim sum is usually in the morning for breakfast. But with dim sum restaurants like 126 and Swee Choon, dim sum has been made available to the masses for dinner and even supper with an extensive menu to boast.

Swee ChoonSoyabean Milk (warm): One of the best that I’ve ever tasted in my life. Sweet, smooth, silky and addictive.

Swee ChoonSalted Egg Yolk Custard Bun: This is my second attempt on the famous bao and I actually liked Swee Choon’s rendition. The “liu sha” flowed like a gold river. But most importantly, the taste was amazing. Sweet and savoury at the same time, definitely going back for more “liu sha bao” when I’m back at Swee Choon.

Swee ChoonXiao Long Bao: Swee Choon makes a neat rendition but not the best I’ve tried so far. I would love to have more soup in each “bao”.

Swee ChoonHar Gow: Fresh and juicy shrimps but the skin seems to be a little too thick.

Swee ChoonBeancurd skin prawn dumpling: A fine mixture of minced meat and fresh shrimp, this dish packs a meaty punch.

Swee ChoonFried Prawn Dumpling (Ming Xia Jiao): One of my favourite dim sum dishes, the dumplings hardly disappoint me at any restaurant. Swee Choon promises fresh and juicy shrimps in the dumplings which goes exceptionally well with the mayonnaise that is served together as well.

Swee ChoonFried Golden Tofu: Sprinkled with pork floss, this fried babies are worth trying. Crispy on the outside, the tofu retains its soft and silky texture on the inside.

Swee ChoonHor Fun: One of the many non-dimsum dishes that Swee Choon offers in its menu, the hor fun is a force to be reckoned with. Especially for people who require their carbo intake amidst all the dim sum, this dish will definitely sweep you away. The Kway Teow is fried to perfection, while the starchy and egg gravy binds the dish so well.

I finally understand what the whole fuss is about. This is not just a dim sum restaurant. This is a restaurant that brings people, who share a common love for Chinese food, from all walks of life together under one roof.

Swee Choon Tim Sum Restaurant
187/191 Jalan Besar
6294 5292
Monday – Saturday 6pm – 10am, Sunday & Public Holidays 6pm – 12pm

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