I say Katong, you say Laksa.

Another one of the lucky days that daddy treats me like a princess; fetches me from tuition and whisks me off for a good lunch. Armed with my DSLR, I was ready to face the legend of Katong, the Katong Laksa. Situated alongside East Coast Road, the stretch is now home to a myriad of eateries. There has been a debate regarding the origins and authenticity of the various “Katong Laksa” that popped up across the island. Regardless, I just want to eat some good laksa.

When it comes to laksa, it is pretty simple. You either love it or you don’t. But what is so special about Katong Laksa? Besides eating only with a spoon, the laksa gravy is the best that I’ve ever tried. It is bursting with flavour, no thanks to the coconut milk, laksa leaves and dried shrimp. The white thick noodles were cooked perfectly and provided a springy taste. They were also cut to a shorter length so that customers are able to scoop them up easily with the spoon. The shredded fishcakes and fresh prawns are perfect complement to the dish as they provide a contrasting texture to the noodles. I had no idea how addictive this dish could be until I found myself staring at the bottom of the bowl within a mere 10 minutes. For people who cannot really take too much of spiciness, this dish will be perfect for you.

328 Katong Laksa
51 East Coast Road
Singapore 428770

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