Chicken Chop, without the gravy.

Western BarbequeChicken Chop is usually not on the top of your list when you’re trying out food at famous food centres such as the one at Old Airport Road. So you can imagine the level of doubt I carried while I cut myself a piece to try. First of all, what struck me the most was the generous chunk of meat on the plate. Its thicker and bigger than almost every other chicken chops that I’ve tried. After I got over the initial shock, the next thing that I noticed was the absence of gravy sauce. But the taste tells it all. The marinade is infused so deeply into the meat that its homogenous throughout. That explains the lack of gravy. The flavour is good enough to blow you away. With traditional crinkle cut fries and baked beans, I’m definitely getting this dish again.

Chicken Chop ($5.50)
Western Barbeque
Old Airport Road Food Centre