Salmon never tasted better in a sandwich.

I have a thing for the fishy pinkish slices. Whenever they are in sight, I have this irresistible urge to try it. So getting this dish at the bakery wasn’t a surprise. Once again, nothing goes wrong with salmon. The savoury smoked taste of the fish was perfectly contrasted by the buttery and smooth cream cheese, that was lathered pretty generously. The speciality bun was so soft that it goes so well with its overflowing contents. The only downside of this dish would be the overzealous amount of rockets, which can be quite a mouthful. 

Speciality bun with salmon and cream cheese S$8.50
Tiong Bahru Bakery 
Raffles City

Pasta with a twist.

My friend brought me here boasting of its great and unique pasta. So I held pretty high expectations of my dinner that night. Fortunately, I was not disappointed when I tried this dish. First impression does matters so at the first bite, you can tell that this is nothing like your typical Italian pasta dish. The special java curry sauce is so flavourful and yet, not too overwhelming for your taste buds. The cream sauce, that carries a mixture of spice and herbs, smothers the linguine, making you crave for that extra spoonful every single time. It is important to take note that the portion was perfect for a girl or a dude with a small appetite. I would recommend you to try out this dish or other pasta variety on a weekday as the corner shop has really limited seats.

Seafood Java Curry Linguine (S$11.90)
Creation Cafe
100 Beach Road
#01-43 Shaw Leisure Gallery

Smoked Duck Baked Rice

Since I dislike milk, I was expecting the cheese to be too overwhelming halfway through the dish. But boy was I in for a surprise. The mozzarella cheese oozing over the rice was perfecto. And I loved how the rice was grain by grain and not clumped together. All these cheesiness could only get better with the thin slices of smoked duck. Not only does it complement the cheese and rice, but it does not make the dish too savoury for your taste buds. For a better gauge, I cleaned off every single grain from that plate. I was the only one who finished my dish. I’m sure that tells a lot. 

Smoked Duck Baked Rice
Jurong Point