Not your average grilled chicken.

I’m hardly the fan of grilled chicken. Most often, they appear to be too dry or tough. But Poulet Roti, which simply means grilled chicken, is the speciality dish that we have to try at this up and rising French bistro. Tearing the flesh away from the bone may not be as easy as compared to the braised duck, but it is definitely easier then usual. I started to bear hope. With a average chunk on my fork, I ensured that it was well-drenched in the sauce (which I was clueless about until I checked the menu again). At first bite, I could easily taste the savoury marinade of the meat which is surprisingly tender to chew. Yet, something else sent my taste buds and brain to a frenzy. It was creamy, slightly buttery, savoury and fungi. I know something was missing so I gave up and checked the menu. The culprit was the restaurant’s home-made mushroom chardonnay sauce. This was what made the dish so interesting and addictive. Maybe because I have a thing for mushroom, but this dish got me wanting for more. In my opinion, the chicken meat and the special sauce had a seamless partnership to satisfy my taste buds and tummy.

Poulet (pronounced as poo-lay) is a new French casual dining restaurant tucked away at Bugis +. Besides their speciality dish, the restaurant is also known for its braised duck, escargots and oxtail de Bourguignon. If you are looking for affordable (under $20) and reasonable French cuisine, look no further and try Poulet.

Poulet Roti

Bugis +

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